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The United States is a country of immigrants. Sadly, our legislation is often focused on excluding rather than welcoming visitors and new residents to our country. The U.S. Immigration system is slow, complex, and costly. Navigating the various visa categories, the visa bulletin, and filing a case that does not lead to problems further down the immigration path is a daunting task. At Northwest Immigration & Criminal Defense LLP (NWICD), we help you approach this task tactfully and with sensitivity to your individual needs.

From the time you come in for an initial consultation in English, Spanish, or Russian, our attorneys will do their best to understand your particular goals and align those goals with the reality of our immigration system. In the U.S. immigration system, there is often more than one way of accomplishing the same objective. Which of these routes is the best choice depends on the individual.

NWICD attorneys have both personal and professional experience in the U.S. immigration system. We understand how stressful it can be to place your hopes and future in a strangers' hands. Because we understand, we try to get to know our clients and give them the opportunity to get to know us. Here, you are more than a form, a filing fee, or a receipt number. You're an individual with the dream of starting a business, earning a degree, uniting your family, marrying the person you love, or just seeing a little more of the world we all share. We hope to help you realize your dreams as your attorneys and watch them unfold as your friends.

Some common immigration legal services we provide are:

We practice immigration law in East Multnomah County, where we are proud community members. Additionally, we happily provide immigration legal services to individuals from Clackamas and Washington Counties, the Willamette valley, the rest of the State of Oregon, and the U.S.A.

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